Minerals and Rocks Tumbling

Getting a tumbler in your home is now as easy as going on Amazon and buying one. There are many good quality tumblers for rock polishing just beware that they can be noisy!

I set mine up in the garage. It needs to be left on for long periods, days at a time so you need to place it somewhere it isn’t going to disturb anyone.

One of the most frequent complaints is them leaking. This happens when you open the lid too many times as it ends up getting sediment in between the lid and the container meaning the seal gets broken and water finds its way out. Resist and let the tumbler run for many days before peaking. Then make sure you clean everything properly if it needs to go back on again.

Depending on what you are polishing will depend on the length of time it takes and the speed you need to set your tumbler at. Because they are so cheap they tend to wear out quickly. Particularly the drums. You can of course buy new ones or if you are really clever make one from some old drain pipe. The last thing you want though is a faulty drum leaking water onto the motor of your new tumbler so I advise getting the right one for the job.

Tumbling can be quite addictive as you see the changes start to happen on your stones and gems. Of course the next step is to make them into jewellery so you can proudly show them off to all your friends.

Most tumblers like the one pictured come with a bag of gems for you to get started with. You can also buy the bags separately from places like amazon or you can go to a “gold mine” and sieve for precious gems. This is mostly for fun as usually the staff have checked in a load of unpolished gems for you to find but you get to take them home afterwards and put them in your tumbler. It’s even better if you have found the stone or gem yourself and you get to see it go from something rough and ugly to a shiny and beautiful gem stone.